Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Preggo Shuffle

My wife takes an active interest in her health, and when she was pregnant with our first child she bought a bunch of books and videos to help her get through pregnancy. One of them was the Kathy Smith Pregnancy Workout. I can think of few things hotter than a room full of pregnant women doing deep knee bends in unitards, so I was surprised by her reaction when I asked how the video was. She said something like, "It was kind of... retarded."

Well it turns out she was mainly thinking about one specific segment of the tape, called the Preggo Shuffle, where Kathy and her poppin' posse don Ray Bans and shuffle around to a stock music drum beat, dropping rhymes like the following:
You'll get much more
from your pelvic floor
when you pass on the bagel
and do one more kegel.
This tape was produced in 1989, just before congress passed legislation making "white people rapping" a capital offense. I was totally going to upload this clip to YouTube, but somebody beat me to it. Shield your eyes now...

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