Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Optimal Screen Resolution for WaveLab 7

Steinberg Wavelab 7 displays more information on your screen depending on your monitor's resolution. If you have a relatively low screen resolution, you might not be seeing all the default elements of your given workspace.

This is another detail about WaveLab that's infuriatingly undocumented, but through some personal experimentation, I've determined the minimum monitor resolution you need to have in order to see a complete workspace: 1280x1024.

If your monitor supports at least 1280x1024 resolution, you will see not only the core elements of any given WaveLab workspace, but you'll see the tab groups (circled below) up at the top portion of the screen as well.

If you happen to be running at a lower resolution (anything less than 1024 vertical), you can only see the tab group elements if you force them onscreen by selecting them from Workspace > Specific tool windows or Workspace > Shared tool windows.

The monitor I had when I first got WaveLab was 1600x900, and did not show the tab groups. I just recently upgraded to a Dell S2440L , which now shows the tab groups at its native resolution of 1920x1080.

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