Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Why Battery 3 Is Better than Battery 4

I've been complaining about Battery 4 ever since I first loaded it up and realized that several features I'd always relied on in Battery 3 were nowhere to be found. Native Instruments gave Battery 4 a beautiful user interface and a nice, modern set of kits- but the cutting of not one, not two- but several of Battery 3's most important and distinguishing features makes so little sense that I almost felt betrayed.

I'm thankful that as a Komplete 6 and 8 owner I have access to Battery 3, and that it still works fine on modern DAWs and operating systems. But every time I hear someone ask, "Hey, what's wrong with Battery 4?" I end up reciting the same list of omitted features. I finally sat down and put together a video that demonstrates some of the most significant differences, and hopefully illustrates why Battery 3 is by far the better tool for people who like to make their own kits and customize their sounds.

Here's an official Battery 3 trailer, I presume from 2006 when B3 was first introduced. It even lists a feature or two that I didn't mention in my video. Native Instruments- you tarnished your own classic!

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