Thursday, October 15, 2009

Walnut Hills Class of 1989: Where Are They Now?

After making some interesting discoveries while flipping through the 1989 Class Directory that was distributed at my 20-year high school reunion, I wanted to visualize the WHHS Diaspora; to actually see where everyone ended up. I used the information provided in the directory to pinpoint last-known residence of each alum who provided contact information (380 in all). The result is an interactive map where you can see who is located in each city. Important: The map does not show people's actual addresses and is not linked with any contact information; it just associates a name with a city.

Click the picture of the map below to go to the actual interactive map. (Note: It might take 30 seconds or so before all the placemarkers load up.) The placemarkers are colored according to how many students from our class are located in a given city:
  • Red - 1 student
  • Yellow - 2-5 students
  • Green - 6-10 students
  • Blue - 11 or more students

In fact, there's only one city with more than 10 former classmates, and that is, of course, Cincinnati, with an impressive 161 folks still taking up residence there. The next most populated city is Brooklyn, with 8 of our classmates. I also posted a worksheet of the raw data I used. It's basically the same as from the directory, with some minor corrections.

To move the map, click and drag it. To zoom in and out, use your mousewheel. Click a placemarker to see who lives there.


CaraM said...

I absolutely love this! How hard will it be to update when/if people move around? Are you even going to try, or can we "store" it someplace where each of us could move ourselves when we move? You rock, your royal geekness! I bow my lowly, semi-geek head to your mastery. ;) Thanks again!

Unknown said...

This is some serious cool mappage Josh. On my next trip I expect Indiana Jones-like red lines to follow me everywhere I go. Not a problem, right?
;) -b