Sunday, April 8, 2012

SOLUTION: HALionOne Could Not Be Found

Note: This post also addresses the "HALionOne: Cannot find or load preset" problem on Cubase 5.5.

Beginning with the 5.5.0 update, Cubase includes a Project Assistant dialog at startup, which helps set you up with some default project settings for specific kinds of productions. For example, there's a preset called "Dance Production" which sets up Cubase tracks for percussion and various musical parts, with pre-selected patches from the HALionOne library.

I was eager to try this feature out, but every time I chose one of the predefined projects, I'd get this error:

The plug-in "HALionOne" could not be found for Instrument Track!

This was on a fresh install of Cubase 5.0 which had been patched up to 5.5.0, and I hadn't changed any settings. Where was my HALionOne? Well, apparently, it's not part of the default install. You have to install it separately from the Cubase install DVD. Here's how:
  1. Browse the contents of your Cubase install DVD and open this folder:

    \Cubase 5 for Windows\Additional Content\HALionOne
  2. If you want a 32-bit installation, launch HALionOne_Setup. If you want a 64-bit installation, run HALionOne_64bit.msi directly.
  3. You're not done yet! The HALionOne setup program doesn't install any of the presets that the default Cubase projects need. If you try to open one of the Project Assistant projects that use HALionOne now, you'll get this error: "HALionOne: Cannot find or load preset." In the same folder where you found the setup program for HALionOne, you will see the following separate MSI installers: Expression_set, GM_Drum_Set, GM_Set, Pro_Set, Studio_Drum_Set, and Studio_Set. Run each of them individually to get the complete HALionOne configuration.
  4. Now launch Cubase and attempt to open one of the default productions that uses HALionOne, like Electro Production. The project should open without any errors, and there will often be a pre-populated drum loop on the percussion track to test that it loaded correctly.
When I was looking for a solution to this problem, I learned that some people who had similar symptoms to mine were actually experiencing a different problem. In their case, HALionOne was installed, but Cubase wasn't detecting it properly. They were able to fix it by using Update Plug-in Information in the Plug-in Information window, performing a Rescan in Media > MediaBay, or by toggling the checkmark for HALionOne in MediaBay, under VST Sound > Factory Content > Track Presets > Instrument.

If you are curious about my hardware and software setup, please see my DAW system specifications.


Bichitrax said...

I recently got the problem.All presets disappeared or can not load.I tried as your post,even reinstalled whole nuendo 4.3 with expasion kit several times, nothing better happened.Plese help me if there is any alternative process to use Halion one as vst.I found all the presets but its not loading.My mail is

Bobox said...

Thank you for all the information. You are great.
I would like simply to add something: If the Cubase is still saying: HalionOne instrument is missing, you can do this:

1) install a new version of the plugin
2) or repace the Halion One.dll with a new one (when you install HAlionOne the .dll file is put in C/Programfiles (86x)/Commonfiles/Steinberg/VST2). Ask a friend to "lend" you a new, working .dll file or serh for it in Web. Worked for me :-).......also dont forget to update the plugin information in your Cubase. Good luck! :-)

Unknown said...

Wow...Nice information from your blog, now I found the missing halionOne plugin that before was direct to drive C\program files\steinberg\VST plugins ..I changed to C\Program Files\Common files\steinberg\VST2, just change it the source on plug in information > VST Plugins > VST 2x Plugins path.

Thank you