Monday, February 1, 2016

How to Move Plugins and Sample Libraries Without Reinstalling or Reconfiguring Anything

I was really frustrated when Waves and MusicLab omitted the ability for users to choose where to install their products in Waves Central and RealEight. Even though I've got a kickin' rad DAW PC, my primary system drive is a small SSD and I don't have room on it for anything other than my operating system and my personal files. Neither Waves nor MusicLab would help me move their products to a different drive (I asked), so I came up with a different solution...

In version of UltimatePluginTool, I've added the ability to relocate entire folders to any other folder or drive on your computer in a way that doesn't affect your existing programs. If you've ever moved a Native Instruments product to another drive and then tried to use Maschine or Komplete Kontrol afterward, you know that relocating an application usually requires more work than simply dragging around some files. Well, the new Relocate Plugin Content wizard of UltimatePluginTool addresses those problems by leaving a symbolic link in the old location where your files used to reside which silently redirects any applications who look there to the new, correct location.

The wizard can move the files for you or just create the link if you've already relocated the files. The user guide included with the download has full instructions, and I've posted a video tutorial that walks you through three different examples of the Relocate Plugin Content wizard in action.

Even though I added this feature specifically because I wanted to move some of my music applications to a different drive, UltimatePluginTool's Relocate Plugin Content wizard isn't limited to music software. You can seamlessly locate pretty much any folder on your PC to another directory or drive. I've already used it to move a number of applications onto a secondary "programs and plugins" drive. Liberate your applications and unburden your drives!

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AudioMonk said...

I need this software so much! But I'm running XP, do the older versions work with XP ? Can you compile one that does?


Ultimate Outsider said...

@AudioMonk - The installer actually installs a special Windows XP version that is supposed to have all the same functionality as the normal version, but doesn't perform as quickly for copying files because Vista was the first Windows to include high-speed file copy APIs.

If you install the latest version of UltimatePluginTool on Windows XP, the desktop and start menu shortcuts are SUPPOSED TO point to the XP version which should work, but the "Run UltimatePluginTool" option on the last screen of the installer will launch the Vista+ version, and will almost certainly crash there's a note on that installer page warning about this. (I don't know how to fix this yet.)

Here's the thing: I don't have an XP system, so I don't know if the XP version works! If you're willing to at least install and launch it I'd like to know how it works out. If I have time this weekend I might see if I can set up an XP system to make sure the installer and everything is working as I intended. said...

I used your Ultimate Plugin Tool.

I Symbolic linked...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\Data\Instrument Data\Waves Sample Libraries


E:\Malcolm\Samples\Waves Audio Factory Pack

My question is...
How do revert back to my original settings?
How to get rid of the Symbolic Link

Thanks in advance

Ultimate Outsider said... - The symbolic link is just a file. You can identify it by the little arrow on the icon's lower left corner, indicating Windows sees it as a shortcut. You can just delete the symbolic link and copy back the folder to its original name/location.